Volunteer Nebraska

Empowering our youth to make a difference in their communities & their world

What we do

Recognize students

Volunteer Nebraska is an organization that embraces community service. It provides the framework for children to perform volunteer service, document their work and be recognized for their efforts.


Volunteer Nebraska connects young people with positive adult mentors. We help build strong networks within a community and by linking communities together we strengthen Nebraska!

Promote volunteerism

Volunteer Nebraska believes in the power of service because it teaches vital life lessons!

  • Accountability: You are responsible for your decisions, your actions and your attitude
  • Set goals. Make a plan.
  • Action is necessary for change.
  • Never give up.
  • Power of gratitude.

Want to help?

Donate to Volunteer Nebraska and your contribution will go toward grants to students who need supplies for their volunteer projects. Learn more.

Not sure where to start?

Volunteer opportunities -- for students of all ages -- are all around.

Boys Scouts participate in Overland Trails Council Pawnee District Food Drive.


You are never to young to teach! Try activities such as:

  • Play balloon volleyball with residents at a nursing facility
  • Make a craft/art for patients in hospital
  • Assist elderly neighbor pick veggies in the garden
  • Help bake cookies for a bake sale
  • Adopt a nursing home
  • Start a kids' club where you get your friends to do projects together
  • Collect pennies for a project

Hamilton County 4-H Junior Leaders planted and maintain the tree nursery at the fairgrounds.

School age

  • Volunteer at your church, your library
  • Local animal shelter
  • Create a mural with a positive message
  • Window art with purpose
  • Host a fundraiser for volunteer fire fighters
  • Beautify a park
  • Plant a community garden
  • Host a food drive
  • Organize a community event to raise awareness for your cause
  • Assist an elderly friend or neighbor with shopping
  • Teach Facebook to a beginner
  • Share your musical talents with the Senior Center
  • Host a Junior Cheer Camp for a preschool
  • Build a park bench as a memorial
  • Serve on a youth advisory board
  • Create an exhibit for the local museum
  • Write a letter to the editor about a community concern

Nebraska Kids TRUTH Campaign hosted a Color Me Courageous Run.

Not your everyday ideas

  • Write a book and donate the proceeds
  • Create a video for Youtube that raises awareness about bullying, forgiveness or community service
  • Help an organization build and maintain a website
  • Campaign to improve or change a law
  • Build a birdhouse or bird feeder for a neighbor who is home-bound
  • Create a youth center so kids have a safe haven
  • Help write your county's juvenile service plan
  • Host a celebrity auction
  • Create a public service announcement
  • Host an art show in the city park
  • Organize a drum circle


All Nebraska children preschool through high school are invited to participate in Volunteer Nebraska.

There is no cost for participating or for receiving an award.

You can spend your time volunteering for a single project or for many projects.

All we ask is that you invest your time and talents in your community. Opportunities are all around!

How to participate

For adults

Adults who are visiting this site have an important role in this program.

Our young people need mentors who believe in them. Perhaps you are a parent, teacher, youth pastor or community partner who sees potential in our youth and are looking for ways to utilize that energy. Maybe you are a law enforcement officer who is searching for ways to reduce alcohol and drug use in this young population.

Whatever the reason you are here - we are here to help!

This program is designed to encourage Nebraska youth to gain life skills through community service. There is power in seeing a problem and taking action to do something about it. It takes planning, goal setting and strategic thinking. Young people who are engaged in their community are learning the importance of networking as they practice team building. They find themselves addressing school administrators and community leaders. They begin to understand budgets and perhaps get an opportunity to write a grant. They are learning to take the  leadership role at an early age. When acts of service become a personal code of conduct amazing things begin to happen.

Volunteer Nebraska supplies you and your community with a framework to begin a community service  program. Timesheets can be downloaded and reproduced. We encourage the youth to track their service hours and projects. This information can be useful when applying for college scholarships or writing a resume. Awards for recognition can also be downloaded to be awarded at a community celebration or school assembly.

Volunteer Nebraska does not charge a fee to utilize these tools. It is our service to your community and the kids' of Nebraska!

For kids

We are excited to have you visiting our website! Perhaps you see something in your school or community that can be improved or needs to change? Maybe you like to volunteer! Whatever your motivation is to serve your community, we are here to help you be successful!

Volunteer Nebraska thinks kids are amazing! Whether you are 4 or 14 years old you can do something to help your community. Here are a few ideas. We want you to get creative. Look around your neighborhood, your school, your community or your world, do you see something that can be improved? Maybe you can do something about it!

First, we want you to share this website with an adult who is on your team. It might be your parent, a teacher, a pastor or a caring adult in your community. Working with a mentor can increase your chances to have a successful project. Here is a worksheet to help you get started.

About Volunteer Nebraska

Meet our executive director and founder

Mary Ingram has devoted her life to serving children as a coach, volunteer, juvenile justice coordinator, parent and grandparent. She received the President's Lifetime Achievement Award for her volunteer service. She possesses a strong belief in community service and encourages others to play their role in making the world a better place. She does not receive a salary for her work from Volunteer Nebraska. She donates her time and energy to encourage altruism. Mary has authored a book, The Fallen, with the net proceeds going to support programs that assist young people in the Nebraska Correctional System.

You can also contact us via: volunteernebraska@gmail.com Facebook